Find ways to produce cheaper electricity

I live in a five-room HDB flat and had backed those who expressed disapproval when the Government proposed raising water rates by 30 per cent.

However, after I studied my monthly utility bills recently, I discovered that, on average, I pay only $12 for water, out of my $76 bill. After the 30 per cent increase and subsidies, my bill will rise by less than $3.60.

The water price rise is not an issue for me anymore. I was surprised to find that the biggest component of my bill is electricity, at $44 a month.

Why are we not able to produce electricity at a lower cost? It seems like nothing much has been done to produce cheaper electricity.

Perhaps it may be useful to mandate that all new private buildings, factories and HDB blocks must have solar panels to produce energy for their own consumption.

Our universities should come up with solutions. We can also learn from countries similar to ours.

In years to come, electricity will be as important and existential a commodity as water.

Ronald Lee Yew Kee

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