Find out young adults' concerns over having children

We are facing a population crisis (S'pore faces 'demographic time bomb'; Dec 7).

Next year, the share of the population that is 65 years and older will match that of those younger than 15 for the first time.

And, according to the report, seniors in Singapore's population will make up more than double the share of the youngest residents in 2030.

Why are Singaporeans not having enough babies?

Of course, it started with the effectiveness of the "Stop at Two" policy of the Government in the early 70s. I am one of those who stopped when I had two girls.

But today, the majority of Singaporeans are more educated, and they know the burden and enormous responsibility of having children.

Most worry about the living conditions of their children, and whether their children would be able to keep their jobs in this fast-changing world where jobs are not permanent.

The Government needs to start listening to the views of our young people - those between 20 years and 45 years of age.

The Government needs to ask them why they do not want to have children, and get a good feel of what their concerns and worries about having children in Singapore are.

Then, maybe we will be able to find the answers.

Charlie Lau

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