Financial information available on Charity Portal

We thank Mr Kwan Jin Yao for his suggestions regarding the Charity Portal (Time for richer picture of charity landscape; Nov 21).

We currently share data with academics for research on the charity sector.

For instance, financial information on Institutions of a Public Character in the social service sector was shared with the NUS Centre of Social Development Asia for research purposes.

Such research reports are also publicly available at the Charity Council's website at

The Charity Portal,, also contains a rich store of information freely available to the public.

This includes the financial statements and annual reports of registered charities in Singapore.

Financial information of charities - by sub-sectors - can similarly be found at and the Department of Statistics,, which have online tools for the public to analyse Singapore's charity landscape.

To further promote transparency and accountability in the sector, we will continue to explore how more data beyond financial information may be provided via the Charity Portal to offer better insights on the diverse nature of the sector.

This will aid in the analysis of the various types of support needed to serve the different needs of the community.

Ang Hak Seng (Dr)

Commissioner of Charities

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