Fight territorial tussles in international court

It is regrettable that Singapore-Malaysia ties took a turn over airspace and territorial water disputes (S'pore-KL ties hit by disputes over waters and airspace; Dec 5).

Singapore has lodged a strong protest with Kuala Lumpur over its move to extend the Johor Baru port limits to encroach into the Republic's territorial waters off Tuas. The Republic has also said that it would not hesitate to take firm action against intrusions and unauthorised activities in Singapore waters.

As far as bilateral tussles of territory are concerned, we should fight them out in the relevant international courts. This has proven to be the best course of action in the past. A case in point is Pedra Branca.

As both Malaysia and Singapore are members of Asean, I hope the spirit of Asean solidarity will eventually prevail over such matters.

Phillip Tan Fong Lip

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