Feeling sick? Be responsible and stay at home

Recently, I went for a movie with my daughter at Golden Village VivoCity.

It was supposed to be an enjoyable outing but the experience was marred by a young couple next to us, who were both coughing persistently.

The couple should not have gone to watch the movie that day if they were sick.

Many people, including the elderly, young children and those who are pregnant, go to the cinemas.

In an enclosed area such as a cinema, people are in close proximity to one another, and flu can easily spread.

People who are not well should exercise social responsibility to stay at home and avoid going to crowded places, to prevent diseases from spreading.

Other preventive measures include covering one's mouth when coughing or sneezing, and putting on a mask.

Social responsibility requires people to practise ethical behaviour and sensitivity towards other people.

Disease outbreaks can become pandemics.

Flu is highly contagious and could lead to hospitalisation and even death.

Donny Ho Boon Tiong

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