Fee for insurance claim forms: CGH replies

In her letter ("Why $90 fee for simple form for medical claim?"; last Saturday), Ms Tay Soh Hoon asked about the need to pay a fee for the completion of insurance claim forms.

Patients who are discharged from our Accident and Emergency Department or wards are provided a discharge summary, which lists the doctor's diagnosis, free of charge.

We understand that some insurers accept this summary for claims purposes.

Notwithstanding this, some insurers require specific medical reports for insurance claims, and in such cases, we would assist our patients and caregivers in completing these reports.

We seek Ms Tay's understanding that the fee that is charged for completing the insurance claim form reflects the effort required to review the patient's medical record, given the accountability involved in providing a professional opinion, as the claims form is a medico-legal document.

Finally, we are heartened by Ms Tay's encouraging words about her experience at our Accident and Emergency Department and we wish her a speedy recovery.

Peter Tay
Chief Operating Officer
Changi General Hospital

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