Fans at bus stops not a hot idea

I was disappointed to read that the Land Transport Authority is testing the use of fans at bus stops ("Fans at bus stops to cool you down? Cool!"; Monday).

Even though I rely heavily on public transport, I do not think it is feasible or necessary to fix fans at bus stops.

The fans would be a waste of electricity, as bus stops are already designed with an open concept for better ventilation, and people do not spend a lot of time at bus stops.

Fixing and maintaining the fans would incur extra costs. Safety is also a concern.

Furthermore, the public may disagree on when to turn the fans on.

On hot days, the fans may blow hot air, which makes things worse. For instance, there is a fan at Punggol bus interchange, but many avoid it for this reason, preferring to do without it or use their own makeshift paper fans.

Rather than install fans at bus stops, I urge the authorities to consider providing more seats and improving the shelters and drainage.

Shirley Wong Yen Fern (Madam)

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