Families, schools can empower youth

I agree that teens need to make an effort to actively engage with the issues in society (Teens must engage with wider world, by Chen Nan; July 4). There are many avenues beyond the classroom that allow us to do that.

My school has given us many opportunities to volunteer with organisations, and also encourages us to initiate projects to bring about change.

For example, after experiencing FamChamps, a student initiative that encourages young people to champion family values, I now understand the concerns over family issues in Singapore, and am more motivated to make a difference among my peers and my community.

More than school support, family support is also important.

Parents should encourage their children to care about society from a young age by initiating day-to-day discussions with their children. Families can also encourage empathy in the young by volunteering together.

Our young people can take a step beyond the classroom to champion what they believe in. Their families play a key role in empowering them to do so.

Rishika Selvan, 15

Secondary 3 student

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