Fair to peg fines to car prices

Vehicles on the PIE.
Vehicles on the PIE.ST PHOTO: LIM YAOHUI

Nominated MP Walter Theseira reaffirmed in Parliament (NMP suggests fines pegged to value of car to boost road safety, July 9) a suggestion I made in 2015 (Peg fines to car price, April 30, 2015).

This concept balances the inequitable wealth distribution and addresses a growing social issue.

Those who can afford the more luxurious and faster cars are likely better-off, regardless of their declared income. Their vehicles are also likely to be more powerful and can cause more harm to lives and limbs than the less expensive and less powerful models.

This concept merits consideration. Tax or penalise the rich while imposing a more modest penalty on those whose cars meet basic transportation needs.

I urge the authorities to consider the more even-handed measure of basing the penalty on a percentage of the car's original price.

Anthony Ng Seet Boo

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