Fair to compensate donors for suffering, risk

I fully agree that it is time to allow organ donors to be given some compensation ("Consider monetary compensation for organ donors" by Mr Seah Yam Meng; last Saturday).

Of course, we will need a system of control to ensure both sides are willing parties, and that the donor is above 21 years old. It can also be limited to transplants with acceptable risks, for example, kidney transplants.

It is fair to compensate the donor for the suffering and risk he goes through.

Yes, there are people who donate their organs for free to save lives. I deeply respect them, but there are too few of them. We need to do things differently now.

We should not take the moral high ground at the expense of patients who are suffering, as well as their caregivers.

Even if compensation is legalised, those who wish to donate for free can do so. But they should not expect others to do the same.

Sim Lim Onn

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