Fair to compensate childcare teachers who stay late

The report on childcare centres fining parents who are late to pick their children up made me recall my experience 30 years ago, when I had to leave my children at a childcare centre in Holland Village while I worked at Jurong Shipyard (More childcare centres impose fine on parents late to fetch kids; Feb 23).

I usually ended at 6pm and, most of the time, managed to pick my children up before the centre closed at 7pm. However, there were a few occasions when, due to delays at work, traffic or weather conditions, I was late.

I had to sign a form to acknowledge the time I arrived and pay a fine. I cannot remember the amount, but I understand that a large part went to the teacher who stayed back. I did not know of parents who were unhappy about this at the time.

We all understood that although we had our reasons for being late, the teachers needed to be compensated for staying back to look after our children while waiting for us, resulting in them going home late.

We should be fair to both the parents and the teachers.

Tan Pin Ho

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