F1 adds value to Singapore

I have always admired the way the Formula One (F1) race brings glamour to Singapore.

The beauty of our city is there for all to see, not just for those on site but for the billions watching from overseas. I am, therefore, thrilled to learn that this year's race continued to dazzle (F1's crown jewel continues to sparkle even after 11 years; Sept 18).

There is something to this event that should not be dismissed easily.

A few years ago, some detractors tried to promote the discontinuation of F1 here when attendance was poor, citing disruption to life in the city.

These people have now been shown to be wrong.

The race has come alive again and the sterling attendance of 263,000 fans proves it.

I applaud the organisers for doing two things right: The holding of summits to coincide with the F1 event, and the apt choice of entertainment offerings and efforts to appeal to millennials (Two summits on sidelines of F1 race focus on fast-changing world; Sept 15).

Those who attended the Milken Institute's Asia Summit and Singapore Summit were likely to attend the race as it was the perfect venue for business follow-ups.

The choice of musical acts was also important as evidenced by the number of younger people who attended the event.

The annual race does not just add value to the entertainment of the common man like me - not an exclusive, elitist form of entertainment as detractors claim - but also contributes to local hotels' occupancy rates.

Phillip Tan Fong Lip

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