Forum: Extend smart meter initiative to schools, new homes

Private and public housing seen from Whampoa estate, on Sept 16, 2019.
Private and public housing seen from Whampoa estate, on Sept 16, 2019.ST PHOTO: KUA CHEE SIONG

I am pleased to hear about the new smart meter initiative as it provides home owners more information on their energy use (Smart meters to help more homes go green, Nov 6).

This is a step towards more sustainable energy consumption as it empowers them to take charge of their own energy use.

It would be good to extend this initiative to schools, as well as make it a standard feature in future homes.

Having smart meters in schools would be a good learning experience and an opportunity for students to learn about energy conservation.

They would provide information about how much electricity is being consumed at a school's various venues.

Students would be able to visualise the impact of energy conservation methods learnt in school, such as switching off the fans after leaving class, or turning off the main power instead of leaving a device on standby mode.

Seeing the actual impact would promote memory retention and translate to good energy-saving habits in the future. This would also tie in nicely with the science syllabus for both primary school pupils and lower secondary school students.

As for households, the installation of a smart meter is not mandatory for all households as different energy distributors have different requirements.

Moving forward, it would be good if future flats built by the Housing Board could have smart meters built in from the start.

This will allow new home owners to take ownership of their energy use when they get their new homes, developing a good habit from the start.

Having the smart meter present from the start is also convenient for home owners as they will not need to schedule an appointment and experience electricity downtime while the smart meter is being installed.

Seah Gang Xin

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