Extend Proximity Housing Grant to singles living near their parents

I applaud the Proximity Housing Grant for encouraging inter-generational contact and the strengthening of familial bonds ("Proximity grant a boon for over 5,200 households"; Dec 11).

However, there seems to be a misconception that married couples and singles receive the grant equally as long as they wish to live near their parents.

This is not the case.

For singles to receive this grant, they must be living in the same flat as their parents.

I realised this only when I began the process of applying for a resale flat as a single, though in the same estate as my parents.

This discrepancy overlooks the needs of singles.

Currently, many singles are caregivers to their elderly parents.

Without a spouse, they have to face the stress of caregiving alone and without the financial and physical support of the Government as well as their employers.

They should not be expected to give up their desire for independence and privacy.

The Proximity Housing Grant should be given regardless of whether the applicant is single or married.

After all, all Singaporeans would want to be close to their families and maintain close-knit ties, and support and care for one another across generations.

Peh Hui Peng (Miss)

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