Extend pioneers' supermarket discount an additional day


Pioneer Generation cardholders appreciate and enjoy the 3 per cent discount extended to them when they shop on Mondays at FairPrice supermarkets.

In the course of my social work, I have heard feedback that many of these pioneers stock up on Mondays, to take advantage of the savings offered by the discount.

However, many of them have difficulty lugging their groceries home.

Many of these pioneers are hoping that the discount could be offered on more days of the week.

While I understand the economics of this suggestion, I wonder if FairPrice would consider extending the discount to an additional day of the week, so that pioneers can spread out their shopping.

This would allow pioneers, many of whom have no more income, to enjoy cost savings, and cart their groceries home more safely in smaller batches.

Juliana Ang Hiok Lian (Ms)

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