Expand ban on PMD use

A PMD parked on a HDB void deck.
A PMD parked on a HDB void deck. ST PHOTO: KEVIN LIM

Kudos to the 15 town councils for banning the use of personal mobility devices (PMDs) at void decks and common corridors (Town councils to ban PMDs at void decks, corridors, Aug 6).

I hope the rest of Singapore will follow their lead.

There have been too many accidents involving PMDs, and this ban will go a long way in giving residents peace of mind.

I hope large shopping malls also extend the same restrictions in and around their premises.

Most malls do not allow PMDs within the mall itself, but pay very little attention to PMDs on their perimeter walkways, some of which host facilities used by children.

Public safety must be paramount and practised at all places of business.

With the Land Transport Authority also intending to increase its enforcement team to about 200 by year's end (Deadline to certify PMDs safe advanced by 6 months to July 1, Aug 6), I hope the number of accidents involving PMDs will drop.

The blatant disregard for the rules shown by PMD riders and cyclists can be chalked up to a lack of enforcement.

To curb this behaviour, consider installing cameras to play the same role as the speed cameras that can be found around the island.

Ho San Cheow

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