Exerpts from readers' letters


Given the large number of vehicles crossing at both the Woodlands and Tuas checkpoints, it would make sense to erect an electronic road pricing or ERP-like structure across the Singapore stretch to collect on a definitive basis, tolls and charges from Singapore and foreign vehicles.

This would minimise the number of people evading payment. It would also not impede traffic.

The upcoming alert system, though an improvement, still relies on the judgment of enforcement officers (Motorists to get new alert to pay tolls at checkpoints; Nov 20).

Singapore should not allow toll and tax revenue leakage (which the authorities put at 8 per cent) by means of wilful avoidance as evidenced by the number of motorists who avoid paying such tolls. Existing penalties are not effective deterrents.

Joel Pang


I have observed a common, unhealthy phenomenon on social media's online discussions or comments.

When online debaters do not agree with a view or an opinion expressed by a person, they resort to personal attacks. They bombard the writer who had posted his view with comments laced with sarcasm and vulgarity.

This is totally unnecessary.

It only shows that the person is not able to carry out an intelligent discussion and also that he lacks refinement.

Teo Kueh Liang


Making the installation of smoke detectors compulsory for all new residential homes is a good fire safety measure (Smoke detectors mandatory for new homes from June; Nov 17). A concern, however, is the in-built batteries of these detectors.

Unless the smoke detectors are linked to the electrical boxes at residences, the in-built battery cells may slowly run flat without the home owner realising it.

If the batteries are weak, the alarm from the smoke detector may not be audible and this could affect the elderly in particular.

I hope the authorities will make it compulsory for all smoke detectors to be powered by the power grid mains supply.

Zhang Guocheng


The taking of upskirt videos could be triggered by many factors, including impulse or pre-existing medical conditions (Two sentenced to jail for upskirt offences; Nov 21). The future of these young people is in jeopardy and their time behind bars would be a loss to the country's limited manpower resources.

Perhaps the police could create awareness of the issue by placing a cardboard standee of a policeman at escalators and other areas, similar to the one warning against shoplifting.

This would be a proactive step and could help to stop offences before they are committed.

Tan Yang Seng


The onus of enticing people down to Orchard Road to shop really lies with the malls and shopping centres along the famous shopping belt.

They should lead with light-ups and decorations such that shoppers are persuaded not only to make a trip down to see the winter wonderland that has been created but also to browse and make purchases at the stores.

Some members of the public were not impressed with this year's light-up (3pm light-up leaves some wondering; Nov 19).

Perhaps these malls and shopping centres could take some pointers from other world famous shopping streets in London (especially Oxford Street) and New York (The Rockerfeller Centre) during the Christmas season.

Manoraj Rajathurai

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