Exercise all parts of body, not just the heart

A group of people exercising at the Singapore Botanic Gardens.
A group of people exercising at the Singapore Botanic Gardens.PHOTO: ST FILE

I welcome the shift in focus on improving heart health (Focus on preventive care to improve heart health, June 28).

The saying may be cliched, but prevention is truly better than cure - it is painless and cheaper.

A holistic approach to health maintenance goes a long way in arresting spiralling healthcare costs in Singapore - not just the heart, but all other organs, and the whole body will benefit.

There are more than 600 moving parts and muscles in our body that need to be tinkered with as often as possible for us to stay healthy.

The more parts exercised and often, the healthier and fitter one is.

We should also remember that exercises should cater for the upright posture humans adopted - by giving the upper limbs equal emphasis, as just working out the legs is not good enough - as well as the postures when we exercise in the prone or supine position, to facilitate easy blood flow to bring oxygen and nutrients to nourish all parts of the body.

Norman Wee Sin Chuan

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