Excerpts from readers on the dispute

Public figures should not expect a level of privacy above what is enjoyed by the general population and neither should they expect their personal wishes to override that of national interests. Even the personal wishes of former Prime Minister Lee should be viewed in this context. While respecting his last wishes, the state should still have the right to determine, for the historical heritage of Singapore, whether his personal house should be preserved. This is no different from the property owned by any other Singaporean no matter how well-known the person is. 


As siblings, (Mr Lee Hsien Yang and Dr Lee Wei Ling) have the prerogative to have heated disagreements with their elder brother. But as Singapore citizens, making allegations in public against the Prime Minister of Singapore (even though he happens to be their brother) is a disrespect to the office of the Prime Minister and the legal institutions of Singapore. Any allegation of wrongdoing of any Officer of State must be done through the proper channels, not Facebook. I cringe at what the international community might make of these allegations against Singapore's Prime Minister.


If PM Lee's son, or for that matter any current minister's or MP's children are the most capable people to lead Singapore, why not? Lest we forget, Singapore's survival is dependent on the best people leading us. It is immaterial whose son or daughter they may be.


Perhaps , we should consider allowing a public vote on this subject and act accordingly in the best interest of the citizens who care for our founding father.  Maybe it would be a good idea to allow Mr Lee Kuan Yew's will to go public so that people will understand his feelings and intention.


The late Mr Lee Kuan Yew must have been aware of the impending dispute over the fate of the old house. He had made known his wishes that it should be demolished. He also willed that in the event that the Government insist on preserving it, it should be preserved for use only by his children and their descendants. But why is PM Lee going against his late father's wishes?


Since Mr Lee Kuan Yew has stated clearly in his will what he wants, we should respect and honour his final wishes. As for the house, build a replica on our museum grounds to mark the history of Singapore.


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