Excerpts from readers' letters : FIX MORALE AT SMRT


SMRT appears to be playing catch up all the time. New problems crop up before old ones can be solved.

Wednesday's accident involving two SMRT trains is just another example of this. These problems will continue if the morale affecting the SMRT management is not adequately tackled.

Also, while it was noble of Mr Desmond Kuek to volunteer for the position of chief executive officer of SMRT, it appears that he is not suited for it. He should have the temerity and pragmatism to hand the job over to whoever is more competent to take over.

Anthony Goh Tee Kow


While Singapore is putting effort into becoming more environmentally friendly, with carbon tax for example, Singapore universities can also contribute to the nation's effort.

They could switch to holding E-exams. Some professors or examiners are already doing it and their knowledge and experience in this could be tapped by universities, with proper guidance and sharing of experience from those who have tried it.

If we do standardise E-exams in all universities, imagine the amount of paper we could save.

Tan Wee Han


Through the introduction of food waste digesters, the Government is mitigating the problem of food waste by providing a platform for the recycling of food waste instead of incineration.

However, this comes with its own problems. The availability and convenience of these food digesters may implicitly encourage the thoughtless disposal of food, effectively increasing wastage. Therefore, it is equally important to target the root problem of food wastage - reducing the quantity of food waste.

Bryan Ng


The Government's encouragement to make Singapore a car-light and cycling-friendly country is a great way to improve air quality as well as nurture a healthy lifestyle.

However, the authorities have single mindedly focused on these objectives, that is, to encourage, roll out and implement cycling all over Singapore, without clearly understanding the users.

Do the authorities analyse and segment cyclists into categories, and understand their cycling patterns? For example, workers cycle to and from work in the morning and evening mostly on week days. Professionals tend to cycle after work or on weekends in groups while families tend to cycle with children, also on weekends but in parks. Teenagers tend to cycle for fun mostly on weekends.

A study or survey should be carried out. Having more data would help the authorities in this push for cycling.

Pang Chee Huat


The time is right to hold property developers with a poor track record to higher standards of accountability. The idea of making these developers obtain Quality Mark certification for their projects would be a good first step.

This will ensure that all developers and their main contractors will comply with the requisite requirements, standards and best practices for the building and construction industry.

Other than better productivity and effective cost control, certification will also reduce disputes between developers and homebuyers, thus reducing the cost and time required for subsequent rectification works.

With the certification as well as penalties for non-compliance, homebuyers can reasonably expect developers to deliver their properties at the standard they were promised.

Sum Kam Weng

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