Excerpts from readers' letters


I recently visited St Andrew's Cathedral, a national monument, with a group of friends.

Given that it is a historic landmark, we were curious about its history and architecture.

To our surprise, we were told by the cathedral staff that we were not allowed to step near the building.

As we had already made an effort to go there, we were eventually told to walk around quickly and to leave the cathedral compound within five minutes.

There was no notice of any sort informing visitors of the rules stated by the staff, otherwise we would not have bothered to visit.

That a national monument does not welcome visitors is simply unimaginable.

Lee Kok Leong


One short-term solution to the "choping" problem at hawker centres is to construct high standing tables for diners who are unable to find a seat and just want to have a quick meal. These tables can have hooks for diners to hang their personal belongings while they eat.

Kenny Goh


Uniqlo has shown that large companies have deep pockets to entice the best talents with very attractive remuneration (Uniqlo owner considers paying star employees annual salary of $379,000 after 3 years, June 24).

In Singapore, our small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) face cut-throat competition to hire the best talents.


The intrusion of drones disrupting flights at Changi Airport, causing diversions and delays, must be handled promptly and firmly (Illegal drones, bad weather cause flight delays at Changi, June 25). The safety of air passengers and reputation of Changi Airport are at stake. The present fine of $20,000 is too low to deter saboteurs and criminals intent on creating havoc with air traffic.

We need reassurance and immediate action from the regulatory authorities that they have the situation under control; shoot down the drones if they have to.

Lim Boon Hee

Perhaps, the Government can encourage more SMEs to include big data analytics and strategy to boost their competitiveness. Large data aggregators must be encouraged to provide relevant customer data to SMEs so that they can create more effective marketing strategies.

Colin Ong Tau Shien


With the growing ageing population, it would be beneficial if public buses display the service number inside the bus.

There were occasions when my sister and I did not see a diversion notice at the front of a bus. When the bus did the diversions, she panicked and asked me whether we were on the right bus. I was quite certain but it still did not ease the panic as we looked around for affirmation of the service number.

We resorted to asking the bus driver. However, we do not want to trouble the driver who has to focus on other important things.

Even if there were no diversion notice, having the service number displayed inside the bus, as well as perhaps its routes right up to the bus terminal, would be useful.

Betty Foo Soon Luan

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