Excerpts from readers' letters

The new commemorative $20 note to mark Singapore's bicentennial anniversary.
The new commemorative $20 note to mark Singapore's bicentennial anniversary.ST PHOTO: KEVIN LIM


The new $20 notes issued to mark Singapore's 200 years of history were sold out within hours at most banks (Bicentennial bill still available at some banks, June 12).

I do not understand why each person was allowed to exchange for 20 notes. It is very obvious that many will resell it online at a higher price.

The authorities should limit the notes to four per person, so that more people can enjoy them.

Murli Khemlani


Recently, the Monetary Authority of Singapore introduced a new commemorative $20 note to mark Singapore's bicentennial anniversary (Bicentennial bill still available at some banks, June 12). Instead of having the notes be simply commemorative, perhaps we should make them mainstream and circulate them.

The gap between the $10 note and $50 one is quite big, and many other countries have $20 bills in circulation.

As the $20 notes are being popularly received, let's make them available in our daily lives instead of limiting them to only collectors.

Lee Yong Se


Residents' committees can also play a greater role in helping parents with their childcare needs (Childcare centres can help in situations where kids are home alone, June 12).

RCs can consider adopting the Swiss scheme of a "time bank", where time spent on volunteer work can be recorded and accumulated. "Time deposits" can then be withdrawn in the future, when one is in need of assistance.

Neighbours and residents can then help with childcare duties, and this time spent volunteering can be deposited into their time banks.

Lim Jit Chaing


I commend the Singapore Police Force for their continuing efforts to clamp down on criminal activities.

After an operation, the police usually advise landlords and hotel owners to ensure that tenants do not carry out vice activities on their premises.

However, I find it odd that such illegal activities continue in hotels and residential areas.

No action seems to have been taken against any landlord or hotel owner thus far.

Until tougher actions are taken against them, vice activities will continue. Nothing much will change.

Patrick Tan Siong Kuan


As a member of the Pioneer Generation, I thank Gardens By the Bay for the complimentary admission to the Flower Dome on the second Tuesday of every month. However, I wish that this complimentary entry would not be limited to only the second Tuesday of every month.

I am saddened by this half-measure, and hope the authorities will be more generous and allow members of the Pioneer and Merdeka generations complimentary admission more often.

Peck Soo Hong

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