Excerpts from readers' letters


More needs to be done to educate and urge beachgoers to take care of the environment (Debris found strewn along stretch of East Coast Park, May 29).

It is common to see beachgoers and fishing enthusiasts leaving trash on the beach and even throwing rubbish into the sea. Volunteers and law enforcement personnel should be stationed along the beach to ensure everyone is responsible for his own trash, as well as to help remove rubbish they find. As the population and tourism grow, we should avoid a situation where people rely solely on cleaners to clean up after them. Residents have to do their part.

Lim Wan Keng



The recent change to allow firefighting vehicles to run red lights is a welcome one (Firefighting vehicles allowed to run red lights, June 1).

Time is of the essence in an emergency, and the timely arrival of emergency vehicles can make all the difference. Impatient or inconsiderate motorists can jeopardise this by, for example, refusing to give way to other vehicles that are trying to filter towards the left to let the emergency vehicle through.

Should those who are guilty of this be fined?

Phillip Tan Fong Lip

Most drivers in Singapore lack the skills to drive well on our expressways.

Tailgating and poor lane-changing etiquette are some of the symptoms. The root cause is a lack of effective instruction in our driving schools, because it is not possible to teach a learner driver on the expressways.

It is high time the driving schools leverage technology and make use of simulators that allow the teaching of expressway driving skills in a safe environment.

Kevin Lim Kheng Aun


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