Excerpts from readers' letters


Pedestrians walking with their eyes glued to their phones are inconsiderate. They hold up traffic at junctions and crossings, and impede flow in crowded public areas (Many still on the phone, even when crossing the road, April 16).

This selfish act not only causes inconvenience, but may inflict harm or danger too.

Punishment needs to be meted out - a verbal or written warning, or minimum fine of, say, $20 or $50, for a start. Repeat offenders should have their phones impounded and a heavier fine imposed.

Donny Ho Boon Tiong


The fire at Tampines Mall last month is cause for concern (Tampines Mall evacuated after fire involving deep fryer at food fair, April 19).

I have been to similar food fairs and the booths were very close to one another. The passageways between booths were also narrow and usually packed with people.

The Singapore Civil Defence Force needs to work with mall operators to set a limit on the number of booths allowed, and to ask that bigger spaces be allocated for people to move around in.

Jeff Tan Hong Liak


The Meteorological Service Singapore gives lightning alerts to stop all outdoor activities in places such as schools, outdoor sports facilities and military camps.

I hope a similar alert can be issued when the weather gets too hot. I was shocked when the display panel in my car indicated that the surrounding temperature was a whopping 46 deg C on April 18 around 1pm.

There is a need for everyone performing outdoor activities to recognise the harmful effects of prolonged exposure to the sun.

Chua Boon Yiang


Given Singapore's scarcity of land, I was shocked to see PCF Sparkletots' Punggol North Centre nestled on 10,000 sq m of land (PCF to have 38 centres for young children by 2021, April 21).

Is there a need for toddlers to have a playground of real grass, which means higher landscaping costs?

If you compare this new concept with existing void deck pre-schools, I would rather the children be placed in a more controlled environment for easier supervision, and where they can enjoy simple supervised outdoor play.

Janet Lee Pai Ping


While university campuses with boarding facilities have taken steps to have security measures like CCTV cameras, these are only useful after an incident has happened.

The current design of shower and toilet stalls makes it too easy for Peeping Toms. A better design for these stalls should be considered, including features such as minimising the gap between the door and the floor, and raising the height of the walls between stalls to make it harder to take overhead camera shots.

Teo Chiang Chai

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