Excerpts from readers' letters


Legislation should be passed to ban the use of disposable crockery for dining in, including in food courts and hawker centres.

This is one small step we can easily take to mitigate the damage to the environment.

Other than cost savings from not having to wash dishes, eateries have no justification for using disposable crockery for dining-in purposes. They are merely transferring the cost of crockery washing to society at large in the form of cost to the environment.

Cheng Shoong Tat


I am worried about whether public transport staff are really equipped to handle emergency situations properly (Woman's leg stuck in platform gap at station, April 9).

I know that counter-terrorism and other drills have been conducted at some locations, but what about the rest?

And even if staff have taken part in the drills, are they regularly sent for refresher courses?

Members of the public, too, should be educated on what they should do to assist victims in emergency situations, instead of blocking the way or taking photos.

Ng Sung Nang


I was invited to the reopening of the National Archives of Singapore (NAS) building, and was impressed with the facilities and artefacts shown during the tour (National Archives reopens after 18-month revamp, April 8).

I was baffled, however, at why NAS did not want to reveal the cost of the revamp. NAS had also declined to reveal the cost when the revamp was announced in 2017.

Why this opacity in a matter of public interest? I hope NAS will come forward and clear things up.

Tay Kian Tiong

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