Excerpts from readers' letters


As was highlighted by Forum letter writers, I too have experienced situations in which a doctor spent consultation time typing at a computer, instead of establishing a connection with the patient, and found it very frustrating (Concerns of doctoring in a digital age, by Dr Quek Koh Choon, March 8; and Where is the human connection?, by Mrs Jennie Cheong, March 15).

This can be solved by recording the consultation, which can then be transcribed to text. This will allow doctors to be more attentive to patients.

Vincent Ong (Dr)


When a security officer's licence is due to expire, the Police Licensing and Regulatory Department notifies him to renew it.

However, those who have difficulty doing this online receive little help from the department, and are left anxious and desperate.

Many senior citizens who are still working lack computer knowledge.

It takes only a few minutes for a police officer or clerical staff on a computer to renew the security licence for people like me who need help with this.

Sivarajah Nathan


I learnt of the recent breach at the Health Sciences Authority (HSA), in which the data of blood donors was compromised, through the news (800,000 blood donors' data put online by HSA vendor, March 16). But I have not heard from HSA on whether I have been affected.

I was one of those affected by the SingHealth data breach, and received an SMS informing me what data was breached and its impact. Any information from HSA would help to ease my anxiety as to whether or not my data has been compromised.

Kelvin Hoo Poh San


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