Excerpts from readers' letters


I have heard of a number of accidents and even deaths caused by people slipping and falling in the bathrooms and toilets of old one-room HDB rental flats.

These flats are typically rented by the elderly. The bathroom, toilet and washbasin are located in a very small room with barely any space to swing one's arms when towelling the body after a shower.

There are no grab bars to hold on to in the event of a slip or a fall, which I believe is a massive oversight. I appeal to the Government to look into the possibility of installing, for free, grab bars in all one-room rental flats, to minimise possible accidents.

Pavithran Vidyadhran


To reduce pollution in Singapore, the Government should encourage electric car ownership.

However, it is difficult to charge an electric car if one lives in a condominium. I recently bought an electric car, but the condominium management refused to install the electric charger even though I agreed to pay for it.

I was told that I had to wait for the next annual general meeting (AGM) in about 11 months and, on top of that, would need the support of at least 40 owners, which is extremely difficult.

The Government should allow all condominiums to install electric chargers without having to go through an AGM.

Tan Chor How


When our MRT was bedevilled with frequent breakdowns, Mr Desmond Kuek stepped in as chief executive of SMRT in late 2012. By 2017, there appeared to be improvement, and Mr Kuek stepped down in the middle of last year.

Recently, however, the MRT network hit a new high in a measure of reliability (MRT network sets new high in reliability, Feb 12). Also, a poll commissioned by the Public Transport Council showed a rise in satisfaction (Commuters happier with public transport: Poll, Feb 14).

Years of neglect plaguing massive operations such as our MRT can take a few years to rectify. It is thus reasonable to conclude that the current satisfactory performance of our MRT is due in large part to the effort of Mr Kuek and his executives, which should be recognised.

Ong Poh Seng

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