Excerpts from readers' letters


The Singapore Government's decision to buy US F-35 Joint Strike Fighter aircraft is the right decision (S'pore to buy four F-35 fighters, with option for eight more, March 2).

The recent developments in parts of Singapore's borders with our neighbouring country point to the necessity of being prepared at all times, and to never to take our apparent safety for granted.

It is crucial that our defence system is up to date so that potential bullies will not see us as an easy target.

Boby Sebastian Kappen


I agree with Dr Quek Koh Choon's observations (Concerns of doctoring in a digital age, March 8).

During my recent visit to a polyclinic, the doctor looked in my direction only twice - once when I entered the room, and again when he was taking my blood pressure.

The doctor's eyes were glued to the computer screen the rest of the time, and he was busily typing away while asking me questions.

Where is the human connection between doctor and patient, especially in family medicine?

Jennie Cheong (Mrs)


The recent spate of injuries with GrabWheels shows that many people still do not know how to safely use these mobility devices (E-scooter trial at NUS suspended for a week, March 9).

My daughter's piano teacher was also injured in a hit-and-run, and had to undergo many operations.

It is time to implement training for users. Such sessions can be conducted by the e-scooter retailer or, perhaps, the licensing authority.

Markus Ruddock

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