Excerpts from readers' letters


The approach of turning waste into resources with economic value is inspiring and encourages businesses to think more creatively about how they handle waste management (Turn trash into treasure, says Masagos; Jan 26).

As Singapore's population grows, it is no longer only the Government's responsibility to take precautionary actions to increase the country's sustainability. Singaporeans, too, need to play their part by changing the way they consume, live and dispose.

The simple acts of one bringing his own grocery bag or recycling his waste can go a long way in the future.

Ethel Lee (Ms)


While the Government is doing a lot to curb smoking in Singapore, many taxi drivers are still smoking inside the taxis that they drive.

In the last 24 hours alone, I boarded two taxis that smelled of cigarette smoke.

A few months ago, even though it was the peak hour and taxis were hard to come by, I stepped out of a taxi I had boarded with my young son due to the smell of smoke.

I hope the relevant authorities and taxi companies will impose stricter rules against taxi drivers who smoke in their taxis for the comfort and health of commuters and their families.

Lee Keng Yeow


The diesel-powered air blowers used to clear dead leaves cause not only noise pollution, but air pollution too.

I have observed that the use of such blowers has multiplied, and contractors do not seem to care about the health of the workers operating these devices, as they are often not wearing masks or ear mufflers.

Surely an easy solution would be to replace these with electric air blowers, which would cut both air and noise pollution.

Dilip Doshi

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