Excerpts from readers' letters

Asian Games jiujitsu exponent May Ooi used to be a national swimmer. PHOTO: THE NEW PAPER
Asian Games jiujitsu exponent May Ooi used to be a national swimmer. PHOTO: THE NEW PAPER PHOTO: THE NEW PAPER


Reading about former national swimmer May Ooi, one would be hard-pressed to not feel inspired (MMA: May Ooi calls time on combat sports, Jan 10 ).

Ooi's narrative is also an excellent example of how individuals with domain expertise and rich experiences who have arrived at their lives' crossroads can reskill and repurpose themselves to continue to contribute to society. This dovetails with calls by the Government encouraging workers to transform themselves to be future economy-ready.

I have no doubt that Ooi will continue to help elevate Singapore sports to new heights.

Woon Wee Min


In celebrating Singapore's bicentennial, I suggest that the organising committee has an event with 200 lions from local lion troupes prancing around the civic district or on the Floating Platform.

Alternatively, a competition could be held at the National Stadium, with troupes from the world over invited to take part. Singapore is after all the Lion City.

Jason Neo Tiang Nee


One reason patients hate staying in hospitals is the need for them to use diapers even when they are in control of their bowel and bladder functions. It is humiliating and sheer torture for them.

Hospital management should deploy healthcare attendants to the wards with the aim of assisting such patients to use the toilets.

Tan Chek Wee (Dr)


I am surprised at the heavy penalties levied on security officers caught sleeping on duty (Stiffer penalties aim to deter unprofessional conduct; Jan 15).

A fair number of security officers are in their 50s and 60s, and are required by necessity to work long hours, with short rest days and annual leave. It is not surprising that they face the problem of fatigue. Though legislation has been passed to raise the professionalism of security officers, not much has been done to mitigate their work-life balance.

Chew Chee Weng

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