Excerpts from readers' letters


I am saddened by the sorry state of Changi Beach Park, which was littered with disposables and used beverage containers on my recent visits.

Bins are ubiquitous and conveniently located, yet inconsiderate park-goers still chose to litter.

I urge the authorities to step up anti-littering enforcement measures, and arrange for Changi Beach Park to be cleaned up more frequently.

Lee Yong Se


Calling public service agencies for assistance can land a person in a virtual maze, needing to be super alert and press the right button within the given timeframe to reach the desired destination.

In my recent experience with the Found and Unclaimed Property Office, I was asked to leave a voicemail message. This went on for three days without a response. Only after calling on the fourth day did I speak to a customer service officer who attended to my queries with courtesy and professionalism.

Why did it take this long to get a response? What if the issue had been related to security and required immediate attention?

The use of technology should not come at the expense of the human touch, which speaks volumes about the quality of service.

Padmini Kesavapany (Mrs)


The Land Transport Authority's Land Transport Master Plan 2040 is a remarkable initiative, with its focus on encouraging walking, cycling, and public transportation.

It is unclear how a pedestrian is supposed to cross a road when there is no zebra crossing or overhead bridge.

Side roads can become unregulated battles between pedestrians and cars, with some drivers patient enough to give way while others are less so and accelerate to scare pedestrians.

For the safety and comfort of all, why not paint more zebra crossings?

Pierre Duffie


At a coffee shop at Block 7 Joo Seng Road, I witnessed a mixed-vegetable rice stall vendor cough into the tray of cooked food she was serving.

In view of the recent spate of food poisoning incidents, shouldn't food handlers be taught basic hygiene such as turning away when coughing or sneezing? It is also not uncommon to find strands of hair or pieces of shell and bone from previously eaten meals in our food.

Food handlers like hawkers and their assistants should be made to wear masks and hairnets while serving food, to prevent hair and saliva from falling into the food. A little inconvenience can go a long way in keeping others from falling ill.

Walter Tan Teow Hock


The Toto draw attracts large crowds, especially after the prize pool "snowballs" from a previous draw due to a lack of winners, yet the prize allocation remains concentrated within the first two Groups, which are those who match six winning numbers, or five numbers and the additional number.

I propose that the guaranteed cash prizes for those who match between three and four winning numbers be increased, with those who match three numbers getting $50 instead of $10 for example, to make a larger number of people happy.

Robert Ong Keng Hock

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