Excerpts from readers' letters


Instead of offering improvements, the recently updated ComfortDelGro taxi booking app appears to have regressed. Many good features of the old app no longer exist in the new version.

For example, the old app allowed users to save multiple locations as favourites but the new version allows for only two "favourite" locations. Such inexplicable changes are frustrating and will drive loyal customers like me away.

ComfortDelGro should at least explain why they chose to go with these changes.

Rahul Gupta


An editorial late last month referred to the need for the new leaders to build their own capabilities in governing Singapore (Next, the electoral test for 4G leaders; Nov 29).

It pointed out that younger Singaporeans, in particular, will judge the fourth-generation team by how much it can fulfil not just material needs, but also aspirational wants.

I would like to add that it is also necessary for these leaders to know how to deal with threats to Singapore's national security.

Anthony Oei


Currently, some e-wallet providers such as GrabPay do not allow users to transfer their cash balance back to their bank accounts.

This is inconvenient for users as they end up with a cash balance in their e-wallet that they cannot transfer to other e-wallets or back into their bank accounts. Some providers, like Singtel Dash, allow users to transfer the unused amount in their e-wallets back into their bank accounts.

As we move towards becoming a cashless society, the Monetary Authority of Singapore should stipulate that e-wallet providers allow users to transfer excess amounts to their bank accounts.

Eeca Goh (Ms)


Despite frequent reminders, many elderly commuters continue to be denied the train seats that are designated to them.

As persuasion and cajoling are not effective, perhaps the authorities should try other means.

Perhaps the authorities could consider installing buzzers or bells on all existing vertical handheld bars. This would allow those in need to alert others of their presence.

Those occupying reserved seats would then not be able to pretend they are not aware of elderly people or pregnant women near them.

Teo Kok Seah


I fully agree with Ms Wilda Willian Ong (Managing S'pore's water needs; Dec 10).

This reminds me of local company Hyflux, which supplied and installed the process equipment for the country's first Newater plant in Bedok. The company is the pride of Singapore.

Now, Hyflux is looking for investors to advance its financial position. Hopefully, local companies and businessmen can help Hyflux remain under the control of Singaporeans.

Tang Jeong Jeng

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