Excerpts from readers' letters


Our petrol station merchants seem oblivious to the reducing crude oil prices despite being quick on price increases when there is a rise.

Some readers have pointed out what appears to be oligopolistic behaviour among petrol companies (Pump prices don't reflect competition in industry, by Mr Edmund Khoo Kim Hock; Nov 27).

The Competition and Consumer Commission of Singapore should address this perceived anti-competitive behaviour.

Taim Oon Chew


The phrase accompanying the bicentennial logo launched recently, "From Singapore to Singaporean", is very apt in capturing the evolution of this island over 700 years (Bicentennial logo launched, design reflects 700 years of history; Dec 4).

A step in the right direction to convey the message that we have evolved from Singapore to Singaporeans is to remove the race classification in our identity cards.

Even if this might not happen next year, the Government should at least come up with a rough indication of when this might be likely in the future.

It is time for this change after 50 years of national building.

Ajit Singh Nagpal


SP Group should do more to cater to seniors.

For a start, it should explain how I, and others like me, can submit meter readings if we do not own a mobile phone and, hence, cannot submit any photos.

No one seems to be responding when I call 1800-222-2333, so I am unable to submit my meter readings even verbally or ask for the identity of the staff reading the meters.

What does SP Group do to help seniors in this predicament?

A. Staveley-Taylor (Mrs)

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