Excerpts from readers' letters


I recently visited the National Stadium to watch the AFF Suzuki Cup matches.

However, nothing great can be said about the food and beverage outlets there. The food sold now is a far cry from what used to be soldin the Malaysia Cup days. Back then, fans could look forward to their favourite local food like nasi lemak, spring rolls and curry puffs.

Now, there are just hot dogs, pizzas, chicken drumsticks and burgers. These are not very Singaporean and fans should be given more options. Snacks like fish balls, keropok and kacang putih should be made available.

Ishwar Mahtani


Singapore's track cyclists have seen significant success on the regional circuit, with Calvin Sim and Luo Yiwei winning gold and silver respectively at last year's SEA games in Kuala Lumpur.

However, it is a shame that they have to travel overseas to train as Singapore does not have a single track for them to train on.

I am sure that SportSG can find a suitable spot to build a velodrome. At around 250m long, it is smaller than a running track.

It would provide the perfect springboard for our national cyclists to compete and thrive on the international stage. The velodrome could also be opened to the public. This would encourage young budding cyclists to take up track cycling too.

Kevin Tong Weng Jin


The last registration for some polyclinics is around 4pm. Many caregivers find it difficult to take time off work to accompany their elderly parents to the polyclinic.

The situation is further exacerbated as families are getting smaller, with fewer children to take care of the old. Could the polyclinic consultation hours be extended? This will also ease patient congestion during the day.

Patrick Tan Keong Boon


There is little upside in promoting solar energy in Singapore. The cost of installing solar panels is high and the electricity sell-back rates are not attractive and limited.

In many other countries, feed-in tariff incentives greatly promote the adoption of solar panels on a much wider scale.

In sun-blessed Singapore, we should be at the forefront of adopting such renewable energy.

The Government should give solar energy its fullest backing.

Peter Loon


The search for the black box recorders of the ill-fated Lion Air flight is set to be long, daunting and dangerous.

In the aftermath of the MH370 air disaster, I presented the concept of a virtual black box, where a plane's flight and voice recorder data is not stored in a physical storage drive but, rather, streamed real-time via satellite.

This way, investigators need not go into the open sea or dangerous terrain. They can simply download the data off the server and analyse it. A virtual black box can save on manpower and time, and eliminate dangers during search operations.

Lee Kek Chin

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