Excerpts from readers' letters


Can bus companies please get their bus captains to keep within the bus lanes?

As there are designated bus lanes, especially the red lanes in city areas, bus drivers should not be driving in the second or the third lane from the left.

I understand the buses filter right because they do not want to be held up by left-turning traffic. But why are they in the third lane too?

I have noticed that the buses do not stop at all bus stops and some stop at alternate bus stops, especially along Orchard Road. This also means that they can easily be in the second or centre lanes. It is common to see three rows of buses occupying the first to the third lanes during heavy traffic hours.

As the buses are big, they also hinder other vehicles trying to turn left. There are also instances of near-collisions, when drivers do not expect buses to come into the third or centre lane.

Wong Kwee Chen (Ms)


The Government's move towards paperless and cashless transactions is laudable.

However, we must not forget those who are not IT-savvy.

Our society's high dependency on mobile devices makes things difficult when one loses one's phone or changes one's phone number.

People who need to change their address have to do so at the nearest police post and all government agencies that are linked will automatically be updated. The authorities may want to come up with a similar system involving government and quasi-government agencies, banks and other commercial organisations for people who change their mobile numbers.

Ronnie Lim Ah Bee

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