Excerpts from readers' letters


I recently watched a documentary about the increasing occurrence of myopia globally. Singapore is mentioned a few times as a country with an alarming rate of myopia.

Researchers now believe that daylight is a critical factor in the development of the sense of sight, and can reduce the risk of myopia. Adequate indoor light brightness also helps. Is the Ministry of Education (MOE) doing anything to reduce the onset of myopia, especially among primary school pupils? Has MOE studied if the indoor lighting in classrooms is bright enough and is it planning to have more outdoor activities during school hours for pupils?



I refer to the letter by Mr Lau Chee Kin and the reply from the National Environment Agency (Tackle pigeon problem at hawker centres, Sept 29; and Reduce bird nuisance at hawker centres by clearing trays, Oct 9).

I gave similar feedback to NEA earlier this year on the same issue.

Then, the pigeons at Pek Kio hawker centre were on the floor and tables, and flying about in the stalls.

I could not leave my food unattended.

Judging from Mr Lau's letter, the situation has not improved much.

I agree with NEA that returning used trays and crockery would create a cleaner and more pleasant dining environment at hawker centres.

I would also like to know what is being done specifically at hawker centres such as Pek Kio, where the birds have become a serious nuisance.

Ong Choong Tuck


There is a stretch of the Outdoor Play Corridor near Bedok South Avenue 1 that has been cordoned off for months even though all work appears to have been completed early this year.

We now see only a few workmen watering the grass every day.

Residents cannot use it and also have difficulty in crossing that stretch.

Is the site pending inspection or approval? If so, why is this approval not forthcoming?

Is the contractor being paid per month or per day until the handover?

Could the relevant authorities please shed light on both the status and the contracts related to it?

Sng Woei Shyong

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