Excerpts from readers' letters


In explaining why the other retailers are able to charge a lower rate than SP Group, the Energy Market Authority said: "SP Group has to supply electricity to all consumers while bearing the risks of an uncertain customer base as it does not impose any contract lock-in periods." (More choices with open electricity market; Sept 29).

This statement does not explain why the new rates offered are lower than what SP Group used to charge in the past.

When SP Group was the only provider of electricity, it essentially had a monopoly. So the customer base was certain and there were also economies of scale that the new retailers do not have.

Martin Lee


The pigeon problem is serious at the hawker centres in Kovan, Alexandra and Chinatown too (Tackle pigeon problem at hawker centres; Sept 29).

While the relevant government agencies must take the lead in putting systems in place to eradicate the problem, the public should also do their part.

If every diner is mindful of leaving no trace of food at the table after eating, and makes the effort to take the used bowls and plates to the netted tray-return area, it could be the start of a long-term solution.

Mok Juang Wei (Ms)


I read with interest the news of a Singapore Airlines (SIA) pilot who failed a random alcohol test before operating a flight in Melbourne (CAAS probing SIA pilot who failed alcohol test; Sept 19).

The fears and frustration of the passengers are understandable, but to jump to the conclusion that the solution is to subject all pilots to a mandatory alcohol test is over the top.

Bus captains, taxi drivers and doctors all share the same responsibility as a pilot, which is to ensure the safety of the people under their care.

If pilots have to take a compulsory alcohol test before each flight, the same rule should apply to other professionals whose duties involve overseeing the safety of human lives.

We should not stereotype all pilots because of one unfortunate episode by an irresponsible pilot.

Wong Chui Har

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