Excerpts from readers' letters


Recently, I made an appointment for an annual health check-up with NTUC Income. During the registration, I was asked to sign a consent form to waive my rights under the Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA), including receiving marketing calls even if I was registered with the Do Not Call Registry.

The clinic manager said this was a directive from the Ministry of Health (MOH). I left without doing the check-up as I was unable to consent to all the points stated.

I am flabbergasted that NTUC Income or MOH are allowed to circumvent the PDPA this way.

Low Swee Heng


With today's technological advancements, why is the Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA) still using the outdated method of getting visitors to Singapore to fill in hardcopy immigration forms?

Doing away with them would not only save paper, but also the cost of printing and storing the forms.

Reading the report on Singapore Pools saving paper (E-betting slip app lets punters save paper, track expenses; Sept 19), I can only hope that ICA will take some action too.

Ng Tian Siong


After 24 years of performances, there appear to be no refreshing ideas at the Ngee Ann City National Lion Dance Championships.

Not only do the performances lack creativity, but the dancers also usually fall short of doing the complicated somersaults that seem to be the forte of international teams.

Come on, lion dancers, be more creative and do Singapore proud.

Thomas Tham


In the course of my work, I have encountered casino workers with acute respiratory illnesses who often attribute the cause or severity of their condition to the smoky environment at work.

The integrated resort casinos are the only commercial venues in Singapore where indoor smoking is still permitted. Casino workers are exposed to second-hand smoke on a daily basis and the serious health risks that such regular exposure entails.

Given the recent attention paid to second-hand smoke in residential areas, what measures will the relevant authorities be taking to protect the well-being of casino workers (When neighbours' amity goes up in smoke; Sept 16)?

If smoking is to be allowed in the casinos, it should be restricted to designated rooms, where workers are not vulnerable to the deleterious effects of second-hand smoke.

Zhang Weisheng (Dr)


The trip between Tanah Merah and Expo MRT stations lasts less than two minutes. However, the frequency of this service is about eight to 10 minutes.

Is it possible for SMRT to run a limited service just up to Expo MRT station with a higher frequency of perhaps every three minutes? Every alternate train can go up to Changi MRT station, while the other can return from Expo MRT station to Tanah Merah MRT station.

I suggest SMRT consider this option at least during the morning and evening peak hours.

Natarajan S.K.

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