Excerpts from readers' letters


Banners and other forms of advertisements should not be hung on railings, at bus stops, on school fences or between trees.

They are unsightly and are an eyesore when they start disintegrating after several weeks of being exposed to the elements.

Perhaps the relevant authorities can better manage this by handing out licences and limiting time frames for such advertisements to be displayed.

A. Staveley-Taylor (Mrs)


Kudos to SMRT for its latest initiatives (Keeping train rides safe and smooth; Sept 10).

As daily commuters, we too have a shared responsibility to ensure that the rides are safe and smooth for the elderly, pregnant or disabled people on the trains.

However, there are still many who pretend to be oblivious to those who need the seats by pretending to be asleep or engrossed in their mobile phones.

May I suggest that the SMRT staff be accorded the authority to impose a fine on people who hog reserved seats on the trains when there are deserving persons standing nearby?

Jamaluddin Ismail


I am intrigued by the recent public discussion on the banning of smoking in HDB flats.

Although I am a non-smoker, I can empathise with the plight of smokers, who invariably feel their personal freedom is being curtailed. Perhaps the authorities can allow smokers to access the rooftop of buildings. As it is on the highest level of the building, the smoke would travel upwards instead of entering other residences.

Teo Kok Seah


I was shocked and saddened to read that when the 1998 Tiger Cup winning squad members gathered for a dinner to mark 20 years since their triumph, a celebration hosted by the Football Association of Singapore (FAS), then head coach Barry Whitbread had to pay for his own trip from England to attend the event (Old-timers relive historic Tiger Cup victory; Sept 6).

We are talking about the coach who brought Singapore its first international football title.

Surely an organisation with the budget of the FAS could have done the decent thing of footing Mr Whitbread's bills.

I wonder if the FAS offered to pay for his trip or made an offer to reimburse him.

Fernando Bradley Dylan Bernard

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