Excerpts from readers' letters


Joseph Schooling's sterling performance as he broke the Asian Games record in the 100m butterfly makes Singaporeans proud and keeps our nation's flag flying high.

Young Singaporeans can draw inspiration from his achievement. With hard work, determination and sheer grit, anyone can shine against formidable opponents in international competitions.

Keep going, Team Singapore!

Jeff Tan Hong Liak


There was no Asiad medal for the Singapore women's table tennis team for the first time in 20 years. One reason given was fatigue; another, that the players were at a disadvantage because they had five countries in their group, while the other groups had only four.

This meant our players spent more minutes on the court.

The women's team consists of five players. Can the coach explain why two players did not play in the matches against South Korea, Nepal, Malaysia and Vietnam? If the coach had used these two paddlers to play at least one match, the others would have had more rest.

It is not necessary for the best players to always take part in a team event. There must be some strategy. I hope Team Singapore can look into this issue seriously.

Ong Hwee Eng


I disagree with Mr Michael Lum's suggestion that Singapore Airlines (SIA) should consider the makeover of its air crew's outfits (High time for SIA to revamp its image; Aug 27).

What makes the Singapore Girl stand out is hersarong kebaya. The outfit is elegant, feminine and sophisticated. Do not change it for the sake of change.

Tan Keng Hai


Of late, incentives like free shopping vouchers, lucky draws, free gifts and the like are being used to entice retail clients to open trading or investment accounts.

Investment is serious business, and retail investors need to make informed decisions, instead of being enticed by freebies and goodies. The relevant authorities should put a stop to this.

Vincent Khoo


Many carparks provide a 10-minute grace period of free parking before charges kick in.

With the rise of e-commerce and food-delivery services, it is now common to have deliverymen visit both public housing and offices, often on motorcycles or vans.

Often, they rush from door to door to beat the grace period in order to avoid incurring a parking fee. This adds to their stress.

It will be a good gesture if the Government takes the lead and extends the grace period at all public carparks by between five and 15 minutes. This, I feel, will make the job more comfortable for these deliverymen.

The additional five minutes is not a lot more time, but a little thought can mean so much.

Felix Kim

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