Excerpts from readers' letters


Business and culture are not incompatible, and indeed, are mutually reinforcing of each other (Nurturing youth through the arts; July 16).

Behind the making of a toy is not just the physical production but also the concept, design and marketing brought about by a certain level of culture and education.

Goods and services are bought increasingly on the basis of subjective considerations.

Singapore must be able to compete on this new basis, and developing an artistic sense in our people therefore becomes critical to our continuing economic development.

Wong Horng Ginn


The practice of adopting quirky names with equally quirky spellings for childcare centres, such as Skool4kidz, has gone too far.

I would hesitate to send my child to a centre where she would be constantly exposed to incorrect spelling.

Why confuse your child even before she has to learn how to spell? Let's stop this ridiculous practice and call a skool a school.

Suzana Yeo Poh Chin (Ms)


I am happy to see an increase in efforts to tackle the issue of the ageing population and to help and support senior citizens.

The pioneer generation was the one which helped get our generation to where we are today.

We should do what we can to show our gratitude, be it taking steps to include them in our workforce, encouraging lifelong learning, or creating elderly-friendly facilities.

Cherrie Lim Liang Ying (Ms)


Being unfamiliar with technology is one of the biggest reasons why the elderly are not so willing to go cashless.

Hence, initiatives, including lessons and programmes, to teach them should be taken, with the help of volunteers and family members.

It takes the whole nation's efforts to help the elderly so we can progress to the next stage together.

Genevieve Tng Wei Lin (Miss)


There are many people who flout the rules and smoke in restricted areas, since there are no National Environment Agency (NEA) officers in sight.

I often find myself taking longer routes to school to avoid these packs of smokers.

I applaud the NEA for deploying surveillance cameras to detect and deter smoking in prohibited areas (Cameras to be deployed across island to detect illegal smoking; ST Online, July 9).

I hope this will help to create a much better, fresher, smoke-free and greener environment for all.

Tee Cheng Yee


I feel sad for the woman who was hit by an e-scooter, which caused her to suffer severe brain injuries (E-scooter rider sentenced, but victim's ordeal goes on; July 18).

The most important thing is to prevent such sad incidents from happening again.

I appeal to the authorities to impose stricter and more effective rules and regulations for users of personal mobility devices (PMDs) and, if necessary, ban PMDs from footpaths and walkways.

Ong Kah Choon

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