Excerpts from readers' letters


I am deeply concerned about the state of many of our hawker centres.

Even after years of upgrading and supposed improvements, some are still unclean.

One particular hawker centre in Chinatown is supposed to be a tourist showcase, but I feel ashamed whenever I visit it.

There are many pigeons swooping in to grab the leftovers of meals once patrons vacate their seats. This is an unsightly image that can tarnish Singapore's reputation for cleanliness.

Pigeon droppings are also a public health concern.

Please do something before it gets out of control.

Patrick Thng Yong Kiat


Besides building smaller flats and retirement villages for seniors as a way to prepare for an ageing population, the authorities must consider building more senior care centres with qualified staff who can engage with and care for the elderly.

St Andrew's Senior Care at Our Tampines Hub is an excellent example.

Seniors of all races and religions come to the centre to sing, eat and play simple board games to keep them attentive and alert.

There are weekly exercise sessions under the supervision of staff.

Once in a while, they are taken for a short outing to some place of interest.

Family members and staff of the care centre work hand in hand to provide the seniors with an enriching and rewarding life.

Lim Lih Mei (Ms)


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