Excerpts from readers' letters


Taxi drivers are now allowed to use in-facing cameras (New rules clear way for use of in-facing cams in cabs; April 10).

However, there is no reason why the drivers will need access to these videos, unless there is a dispute. Hence, can the taxi companies ensure the videos are accessible and retrievable only by their administrative staff?

Jessica Leong Koon Yam (Ms)


I applaud SportSG for its fantastic initiative in using new technologies to help lifeguards monitor the swimming pool, react faster to swimmers in distress and prevent drownings.

I saw this technology being tested recently at Hougang Swimming Complex.

The lifeguard said the system uses computer vision for drowning detection and for continuous surveillance of activities in the pool.

It assesses actions to highlight drowning risks and is able to alert the lifeguards in a matter of seconds for an immediate rescue.

As the father of a child who is learning to swim, I feel a lot safer knowing that such a system will be monitoring my child when she starts swimming independently.

I can only imagine the stress lifeguards go through as they manually scrutinise the sea of actions going on across a crowded pool. It is exciting to see new technologies being used to help lifeguards be more effective, and to increase the safety level of the pool.

I hope the test is a success and that such systems will be available at more pools across Singapore.

Evan Choong


It is worth considering having digital timers at traffic light junctions.

Traditional traffic lights can change to red suddenly, causing drivers to have to hit the brakes or accelerate to beat the lights.

With digital timers, drivers a certain distance away can estimate if they can clear the intersection.

This can prevent accidents from occurring because of sudden acceleration and braking.

Bernard Yeo Boon Yeow


The National Environment Agency's move to take all pre-2003 motorcycles off the road does not make sense (Owners get incentives to deregister older, more pollutive motorcycles; April 7)

A look around will show that motorcycles are far outnumbered by other vehicles.

The number of motorcycles registered between 1993 and 2003 is far smaller. Removing these bikes from the road would contribute little to cleaner air.

I urge the NEA to reconsider.

Joel Low


Surveillance cameras are there for our good.

Hidden and exposed surveillance cameras in homes, shopping malls and public places are installed to protect the people and property and to deter people from carrying out illegal activities.

They can also be used as evidence when an accident or crime happens.

There were recent reports of plans to fit lamp posts with sensors and cameras that can collect a wide range of data (Smart street lamps with high-tech sensors set for trial; April 8).

As the word "surveillance" suggests - these smart lamp posts are there to keep watch and to ensure a form of deterrence.

While some have expressed reservations about this move for fear of an invasion of our privacy, I welcome it (Concern over personal freedom, privacy with smart lamp posts, by Mr Raphael Teo Zhi Ren; April 12).

It is an extension of a well-rounded security and Singapore needs it now more than ever because of terrorism and other such threats.

As for invasion of personal privacy, that is something I am prepared to trade for security.

Florence Veronica Minjoot

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