Excerpts from readers' letters


This is in response to the April 2 report, "Call for ideas to help low-income Singaporeans".

An organisation called Kiva allows people to give loans of US$25 (S$33) or more through its website to those who need funds to start a business or for other worthy causes.

We could perhaps set upa similar site to help low-income Singaporeans improve their individual or family situations.

Many people are willing to donate money, but a loan will help make a connection with the borrower, and thus bridge the gap between the haves and have-nots.

Vivien Tan (Ms)


On Good Friday, my family visited a farm in Neo Tiew Road in Kranji. The place was packed with families and children.

But our experience was soured by a Certis Cisco officer issuing parking summons on vehicles that were parked along the side of the road because the on-premise parking was bursting at the seams. Even vehicles, including mine, that were parked on a grassy area off the road, which had a sign saying "visitor's parking", and not obstructing traffic in any way were not spared.

Surely, the authorities can be a bit more understanding and gracious to families trying to enjoy some rare time together. The businesses in the area might appreciate it too.

On a constructive note, how about if such officers telldrivers where to park instead of issuing summonses and the authorities put up signs to indicate safe public parking spaces?

Teo Hong Siang (Dr)



An advertisement for a local university said that its students would command the highest salary across all universities.

Is the university promoting the right values and approach towards education this way?

Should not the focus be on building character, passion, confidence, compassion and creativity in the 18-to 20-year-olds embarking on their tertiary education journey?

Also, with economic cycles becoming more unpredictable, students should ask themselves which jobs would be the best paid in four years, and whether they will be passionate about such jobs even long after graduation.

Sum Kam Weng

I refer to the letters on why teachers should continue to enjoy free parking in schools (Make free parking a perk for teachers, by Mr Ng Kei Yong, April 4; Recognise hidden costs in teaching, by Miss Peh Hui Peng, April 2) .

The days of reserved free car parking have been over for many years in Singapore, except in schools. While I do not deny that teachers play an important role, that cannot be the reason they should continue to have free parking. Many other civil servants and professionals also play important roles.

Some teachers may need to use their cars to run errands for the school. But, those who don't need to can consider using public transport if they do not think it is fair to pay for parking.

Gopinath Menon

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