Excerpts from readers' letters


It may be time for a rethink on how we treat full-time national servicemen.

NSFs are given only a small allowance, and no Central Provident Fund contributions from the employer - in this case, the Government.

They experience about two years' delay in their education and career development. The latest SG Bonus also excludes them, as most of them are not 21 years old yet.


While I agree that a more sustainable approach to tackle the excessive use of plastic bags is through public education, I fear that this route will be a long, drawn-out process (Tackling excessive plastic bag use: No levy in the works; March 7).

In England and Hong Kong, the use of plastic bags was significantly reduced after a levy was introduced.

I therefore appeal to the Government to reconsider its stance on a plastic bag levy.

Yiu Wing Lit

To rub salt into the wound, their families are also penalised, as the parents of NSFs are not eligible for dependant/child relief for income tax assessment. This is inexplicable, as the allowances NSFs get is very low. It is important that our citizens are not overly disadvantaged.

Lim Chew

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