Forum: Excerpts from readers' letters


The Singapore Police Force will celebrate its bicentennial this year. The force has been through thick and thin over the years, and is key in preserving the peace and security that Singapore is known for. Colours are presented by the Head of State and are used in military traditions. However, it is not uncommon for police forces worldwide to have their own police colours which bear the police insignia on the state flag and paraded during auspicious events. For a start, the police state colours could be paraded at this year's National Day Parade to honour the team's significant contributions to Singapore.

Nelson Tan


There is so much construction work taking place everywhere and when I see the labourers, I wonder why they do not use face masks to protect themselves from breathing in toxic fumes and particles from construction debris, like tar.

The authorities should make it compulsory for labourers to be provided with a new face mask daily.


My appointment with Singapore General Hospital (SGH) was made months ago, yet I received recently an SMS to say that my appointment in March will be changed to April. No reason was given and this is not the first time SGH is doing this.

Why the abrupt change when my appointment was given months ago and there are other doctors in the team who can attend to me?

Does SGH consider a patient's condition before deciding the change?

There should be better coordination between the specialists and doctors to ensure appointments are not changed at the last minute.

David Kwok Ng Kan

It is a cost that the construction firms must bear in the interest of safety, such as with helmets.

Florence Veronica Minjoot

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