Forum: Excerpts from readers' letters


Why do the Housing Board and Urban Redevelopment Authority allow outsourced operators to charge higher parking fees during so-called peak hours during lunch and dinner time?

I would like to understand the rationale as this sounds to me like profiteering.

Tony Lim


I recently had my Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) Form 1 completed. What surprised me was the need to affix a little red sticker to signify the seal in the form, as the LPA is a deed.

I cannot see the value in doing this. I can understand that in the past, a seal was used with wax, but shouldn't a review be done to see if such a practice can be done away with? What is the point of getting a sticker to signify the seal?

In the Frequently Asked Questions section of the Office of the Public Guardian's website, it is stated that such stickers can be purchased at most bookstores.

Roger Chua Yeu Hock


I learnt with much dismay that the plot of land at the corner of Irwell Bank Road and River Valley Road is being put up for sale for future residential development (URA launches tender for Irwell Bank Road site, Nov 1).


I must admit that as a consumer, I feel safe when dining if I know that restaurants and caterers are very serious in adopting good food and personal hygiene practices.

Utilising closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras may deter malpractice, sabotage and unhygienic behaviour (High-tech methods under study to reduce food poisoning cases, Dec 23). Knowing that food preparation is being monitored will ensure that food handlers adopt clean personal hygiene practices.

However, the practice adopted by Haidilao, where diners can access live-streamed videos of its kitchens, goes too far. Monitoring of CCTV camera footage should be done by supervisors, not customers. Why not do an open-concept kitchen instead?

Foo Sing Kheng

I am not sure if we need any more housing in this heavily congested area. This vacant plot may be better used as a much-needed "green lung" for the residents living around the area.

Perhaps consider setting up a new park with a jogging track and trees, as well as carving a sheltered area for parked bicycles for residents who might then catch the train at the upcoming Great World MRT station, which would be only a five-minute walk from this park.

This green development would be in line with the future "car-lite" society.

Damian Ng Swee Beng

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