Forum: Excerpts from readers' letters

A teacher with pre-school children at a playground in Jurong West.
A teacher with pre-school children at a playground in Jurong West.PHOTO: ST FILE


It is not correct to place all the responsibility on educational institutions to build emotional quotient (EQ) among the young (Not enough recognition given to EQ in pre-school, Oct 11).

EQ is learnt through daily behaviour and adults have the opportunity and responsibility to teach correct behaviour through the children's daily activities and not just through curriculum. Parents play an even more important part in nurturing EQ by how they behave in front of their children, because parents are the role models. How they behave will determine how their children behave and hence, determine their level of EQ.

Tan Thiam Siew


Forum contributor Shikharesh Das claims that more government action is needed to limit high sugar content drinks (Cutting sugary drinks: Don't overlook coffee shops, caterers, Oct 14).

Consumers have a choice to select what they want and when they want according to their needs. Does it make sense for the Government to intervene for the sake of diabetics? If that is true, what about food that can skyrocket glucose levels?

Allow the customer to decide.

The Government can facilitate to educate the public on diabetes.

Suresh Kumar


For the longest time, I have had serious concerns about food servers serving food without wearing face masks (Is it safe to eat food left out in the open?, Oct 13).

This raises the risk of the food getting contaminated by bacteria from the servers' sneezes, coughs and saliva.

Why have the relevant authorities not made it mandatory for food servers to wear face masks?

Experts quoted in the article highlighted the need for food to be kept behind barriers because of contamination from food handlers, for example, kept behind glass, with food handlers wearing face masks.

I urge the authorities to make it mandatory for food handlers and food servers to wear face masks to minimise contamination.

Susan Tan Lin Neo


An air taxi is scheduled to fly over Marina Bay on Oct 22.

Given the regulatory fiasco over personal mobility devices (PMDs), I urge the Government to seriously consider the safety aspects of flying taxis.

What if a rogue flying taxi crashed into Marina Bay Sands hotel?

Some ideas to consider are continuous tracking of the air taxi's location, ensuring no deviation from its intended flight path; stringent licensing of pilot and aircraft; remote takeover of navigation software; sound signalling while flying taxi is in operation; safeguards against bird collisions.

Winston Ho Wing Long

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