Excerpts from readers' letters


The website Gov.sg provides information on government and statutory board services.

I was disappointed to see that an officer who I knew was no longer in an organisation was still listed on the website.

As Gov.sg is put up by the authorities to provide information to the public, it must be accurate and up-to-date at all times.

David Kwok Ng Kan


Diniy Qurratuaini's life-saving action and quick thinking are inspirational, considering she's just 15 years old (Teen's CCA training came in handy to save accident victim, Sept 6).

In the light of this, I wonder if the Education Ministry would consider making it compulsory for all secondary school students to attend and master the basics of cardiopulmonary resuscitation, which would be a vital life-saving skill.

What Diniy has done, which I hope other students will emulate, triumphs any gold medal. She is a true hero.

Chan Whye Shiung


That families spent $1.4 billion last year on private tuition is a sign that the Education Ministry needs to revise its teaching methodology (Families spent $1.4b on extra tuition for children last year, Sept 7).

What is most worrisome is that there may be many students who cannot cope without tutoring. Private tuition centres seem to be able to enlighten and teach students that could not understand the lessons taught in school. Is there something wrong with our schools' teaching methods?

Kang Choon Tian


I refer to the letter by Mrs Constance Jacob (Govt has served S'poreans well, Sept 5).

I would like to state that saying no is also an act of love.

As a child, I was taught that my parents cannot say yes to everything I want. That is an act of love that is far stronger than the impulse to only indulge and keep saying yes.

As an adult now, I find myself well served by this teaching. Saying no at the right time has helped me in my studies and professional life.

I engage my friends in well-reasoned civil debate with friendships strengthened knowing that even if we choose to disagree, we are still friends.

The act of dissent, the act of saying no, is just as much an act of love to this nation as agreeing with its current leaders. Sometimes, only by the people saying no will there be accountability of a country's leaders to its people.

Lim Shi Shun


I read with interest the report on the changes for first-time flat buyers (Higher grants, more choice for first-time flat buyers, Sept 11).

For those who are selecting their Build-To-Order flats later this month, the question on our mind will be if we qualify for the grant.

Will the grant apply to those who finalise their purchase with the Housing Board after Wednesday or only for those who make initial applications from Wednesday?

Yeo Shuan Chee

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