Excerpts from readers' letters


I attended a basic CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) course run by the Red Cross, which also taught me how to use an automated external defibrillator (AED), and found it very useful.

I learnt that Singapore's survival rates for cardiac arrests are low, compared with other developed countries such as Japan. I suspect one reason for this is the lack of knowledge of CPR and AED usage in general, whereas other countries have mandatory training.

Perhaps the Ministry of Education could consider making training in this life-saving skill as well as basic first aid skills compulsory. It may also be useful for all domestic helpers to be trained in these skills as they are often at home with the aged or young dependants during weekdays.

Lam Yin Yin


With the next general election drawing nearer, can arrangements be made for the visually handicapped to cast their vote electronically, thus minimising the risk of a spoilt vote and not having someone looking over their shoulder?

The current system does not allow anyone other than an election official to accompany the visually handicapped person once he enters the station to register for his ballot paper.

The voter is dependent on the official to know which square on the paper belongs to which party and also that the cross marked on the paper is not outside the demarcated box, which would render the vote null.

In Australia, a visually handicapped or disabled person can vote electronically at home without having to go to the polling station.

Ronald Y.K. Lee


Every year, the National Day Parade (NDP) takes me down memory lane to 1988, when I was part of the guard-of-honour (GOH) contingent with the Singapore Police Force (SPF).

It is soul-stirring to watch the Colours Party march proudly with their flags past the reviewing stand. For me, one of the highlights of the parade's military component is the president's inspection of the GOH.

I am baffled by why the SPF flag is not included among the flags carried by the NDP Colours Party, since the GOH contingent also comprises units from the SPF.

I am sure this would make the SPF GOH hold their heads even higher during the parade.

Donny Ho Boon Tiong

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